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Can Newspapers Carry CoVid-19? No!

Coronavirus Do Not Spread Through Newspapers

Newspapers are safe from infection of COVID 19 – Porous surfaces resist the longevity of the virus.

A lot of sources said that the Corona outbreak is not biased with the print media industry, and there was a drastic fall in the sale of newspapers in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Assam, Jharkhand, etc. Here is interesting scientific evidence that stats Newspapers are very less prone to infections.

There is absolutely no risk or zero risks of catching infections from the newspapers. The International News Media Association (INMA), an influential body that promotes best practices to the publishing industry, clearly demonstrates with the scientific evidence that newspapers are safe to go.

There has been no evidence thus far that the infection has been contracted from the newspaper across the world. The scientific research on virus transmission stated that the inanimate surfaces suggest, porous surfaces carry the lowest potency, and the virus can withstand only for the shortest time frame. The newsprint is extremely porous.

According to George Lomonosoff, a reputed Virologist from John Innes Centre, UK discussed, "Newspapers are very sterile because of the way they are printed and the printing process they are into. All the inks and the print used are making the newspapers more sterile. The longevity of the virus will be at stake when it comes in contact with the newspapers."

Major Publishers also demonstrate that the process followed for printing is very hygienic. Bennett, Coleman & Co Ltd, which publishes ET has put out videos of their automated process and the precautionary measures followed from the initial stage to the delivery end.

Newspapers are safe to go as the print gives unbiased, fact-checked, quality news without selective processing. All the rumors which were on air that the newspaper would spread the COVID 19 have come to an end. Thanks to the scientific evidence and this comes as a boon for newspaper lovers across the world.

Can Newspapers Carry CoVid-19? No!