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BJP Khushboo says I’m still Periyarist and Periyar even opposed Congress

Actress Khushboo Sundar Joined Bharatiya Janata Party

Actress Khushboo Sundar Joined Bharatiya Janata Party

BJP Khushboo: After leaving the Congress, she said that it was a disgusting thought to refer to herself as an actress and that she did not even have the freedom to speak within the Congress party.

Actress Khushboo and others recently joined the Bharatiya Janata Party at an event in Delhi on Monday, October 12, 2020.

After the Delhi event, Khushboo returned to Chennai today to participate welcome event at the BJP headquarters. Later, Khushboo met with reporters.

Khushboo Sundar Joined Bharatiya Janata Party

BJP Khushboo and Periyar

When reporters asked if you called yourself a Periyarist, Khushboo said, “Periyar has even opposed the Congress party. No one asked me that question when I was at the Congress party.

I am still a Periyarist, and Periyar spoke of equal rights for women. He spoke about atrocities against women and atrocities against Dalits. I supported it. The BJP is doing good for women and Dalits,” She said.

There is a contradiction between Periyar and the BJP party. When asked how you joined the Party, she said, “Periyar was not in the politics of the vote.

Khushboo in Periyar Movie

BJP Khushboo then responded to the allegations made against her by Congress. “I have not been invited to any meeting of the Congress and I will know as soon as I see the paper.

On October 5, I have attended a meeting and it is because I was asked from Delhi. I came out showing that allegiance in order to be loyal to the Party,” he said.

Congress party blamed Khushboo for not attending the party meetings in Tamil Nadu; she replied that “Annaatthe” the only committed movie and only 20 days of shooting had in the year 2019.

They can invite me to the meeting in the remaining 25 days except five days in a month.

When a reporter asked if she would contest the upcoming elections, she replied, “Many senior leaders are in the BJP party, they know more about the Party. The senior leaders will decide on that.”

Khushboo said it was “disgusting” to say that she had joined the BJP at her husband’s insistence.

Kushboo and EVKS Elangovan

She also thanked EVKS Elangovan; when he was a leader of the Tamil Nadu Congress, I was treated and recognized well.

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