Cyclone Amphan Refugees 2020
Amphan Cyclone devastated many parts of West Bengal and killed around 15 people. Now more than 14 million people of Kolkota are without power for the past 17 hours.

Amphan super cyclone made landfall in West Bengal and Bangladesh precisely as predicted by the IMD. But it devastated many parts of West Bengal and killed around 15 people. Now more than 14 million people of Kolkata are without power for the past 17 hours.

It is due to the strong winds up to 185 kilometers per hour and waves up to 15 feet tall caused by the Amphan landfall near Sundarbans. West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee has said that the Amphan devastation is worse than the corona crisis and claims Rs. 1 lakh crore as its damages.

Indian Meteorological Department Predictions

IMD or the Indian Meteorological Department had been closely following the Amphan from its day of formation on May 13 until its landfall yesterday. It has saved many lives by evacuating more than five lakh people in West Bengal and one lakh people in Odisha.

Though Amphan did not hit Odisha, it has caused extensive property damage in most of its northern districts of Balasore, Jagatsingpur, Kendrapada, and Bhadrak. The gusty winds uprooted the electric posts, trees and flew away thatched roofs.

But the worst was reserved for West Bengal with the eye of the storm having a 30 km diameter, making the landfall near Sundarbans as predicted by IMD. Mrutyunjay Mohapatra is the director-general of the IMD.

Yesterday after the landfall of Amphan, he told media that it had taken course accurately predicted by IMD. Also, as per its forecast, it is only the east & west of Midnapore and the south and north of 24 Pragnas that were the worst hit by Amphan.

NDRF evacuates millions to save a lot of life from Amphan super cyclone

Amphan is one of the rare super cyclones in the Bay of Bengal after nearly two decades. The visuals of the devastation are mind-boggling with roof flying in the air. S N Pradhan is the director-general of NDRF and has been briefing the press for the last few days about Amphan cyclone. He has posted many photographs of the restoration work by the NDRF personal in his twitter handle.

Group of people in evacuation process, Amphan Cyclone

With IMD closely following Amphan and NDRF evacuating, millions have saved a lot of lives from the Amphan cyclone. But some parts of Odisha and many parts of West Bengal have been devastated by it. It adds salt to the wound of a coronavirus crisis for these two states.