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Heavy Smog Today Morning At Coimbatore

Heavy Smog Today Morning At Coimbatore

Coimbatore is said to be a good climate area in Tamil Nadu. The city in recent years seemed to be very hot in summer and moderate climate in winter. Today at early morning there are heavy smog in the city that hidden the sights of the person on the 100 feet gap. This smog shows the winter had started and rains have gone. 

Tamil Nadu coastal areas received drastic rainfall this year but the districts in middle of the state received poor rainfalls. Smog covered many places today that show not only the sign of winter but also the poor quality of air.

Delhi smog threatened the whole nation and it seems now it has improved from the dangerous level. Several measures had been taken by Delhi government to control the air pollution. PM 2.5 level is 150.95 in Delhi at 11 AM today. This is above the safe level and quite below dangerous level. The safe value is <60.

At Chennai PM2.5 level is 52.94 and the current air quality index in Coimbatore is reported to be PM10 - 66 which is at satisfactory level. Most of the cities in India air quality level is only quite below hazardous stage and sometime touches it and goes beyond. If the government and people are lethargic then there will be great challenge left for our future generation to live and handle the air pollution.


Heavy Smog Today Morning At Coimbatore