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Another Fire Breaks Out In Mumbai

Mumbai session court fire accident

Mumbai, again logged in to another fire accident.

This New Year turns up to aid unlucky to Mumbai. This may considered as a year of fire to the metro city. Following the four fire accidents in the past week, again fire breaks out at Mumbai session court premises at Karamveer Bhaurao Marg, today morning.

From the report of a news agency in Mumbai, five fire engines had been rushed to the spot and got the fire under control and reported no causalities found till said a fire brigade officer.

They are next ot investigate the cause of fire and further reports will be given about the fire breakout. According to a report at least 33 people were killed in fire accidents happened in past 20 days. This incident is known to be the fifth massive fire accident of past two weeks. The past worst fire accidents of the week are given below.

The first and worst fire accident happened at a new year celebration pub at Kamala Mills on 28th December lead to the death of 14 people. The fire investigators said the fire was caused started at Mojo's Bistro Restaurant which supplied Hookah.

The next fire accident was at a Residential building of Andheri East. In this four family members were charred to death includes two children on January 4. The Cini vista studio fire accident is the up next in this incident one technician was killed and reportedly found no causalities. Next fire break out was at Shiv Shakthi industrial estate in lower paral. But the situation had taken in to control and found no injuries or death.

The persons who died in recent fire accidents were in the age of 20s and early 30s says the report.

Another Fire Breaks Out In Mumbai