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218 Fishermen Rescued from Sea who were Missing during Ockhi Cyclone

218 Fishermen Rescued from Sea

Indian Navy rescued 218 fishermen stranded at Arabian Sea near Kerala coast. Earlier it is reported that over 200 fishermen were missing in the sea during Ockhi cyclone. The rescue team were deployed immediately and search operation progressed. The 11 ships and two Dornier aircraft and 6 helicopters began search operation on Friday. The combined operation of Indian Navy, coast Guard and air force had rescued more than 210 fishermen and admitted in hospital.

It was reported 2 of the fishermen were death. These persons are identified as Christy, 51 and Xavier, 57. The other one is said to be in serious condition. Some of the fishermen are being treated in observation in the Medical college and Government hospitals. As per the reports, Japanese passing merchant ships had also rescued several fishermen at the sea.

Ockhi cyclone had severely stroked the southern parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 12 reported to be dead in this cyclone in both states. Hundreds of trees including larger ones are uprooted, damaged huts and power cables a lot. The impact of this cyclone seems to be lowered from today evening as it is moving to north-west towards Lakshadweep.


218 Fishermen Rescued from Sea who were Missing during Ockhi Cyclone