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Coronavirus Could Even Live Through Hot Summer and Get back in Winter

Coronavirus Could Live in Summer and Back in Winter

The world is finding all ways to defend itself from the deadly coronavirus infection. With even science failing to find a cure to it, it is again the nature to save humans once again. Many scientists and even president Donald Trump believe that with the rise in atmospheric temperature, the coronavirus infection rates will decrease. But is it true that Covid-19 is a seasonal visitor, or will it not break down in natural heat and return back in winter is the big question now.

The World Health Organization confirmed that this new SARS-CoV-2 is the third pathogenic coronavirus to affect humans after SARS and MERS. And the most important finding is it can be transmitted in hot and humid weather also. In other words, the first question of it COVID-19 being seasonal is badly wrong.

The spread of this virus happens with tiny droplets from the infected persons while they sneeze or cough. Also, close contact with them spreads the virus. The coronavirus is covered by a lipid layer, which is not a heat resistant one, and when exposed to heat, the virus breaks down. But that does not mean exposure to UV light or visiting saunas could kill the coronavirus. There is a distinct possibility of even coronavirus coming back again when the heat goes down.

Another analysis by experts on the increases in deaths in Italy only next to China raises many eyebrows. With a population of only six crores, which is lesser than the people of Tamil Nadu, so far, 1809 have died, out of which 368 were sadly dead only a couple of days ago.

Observes feel that it is due to their high percentage of the elderly population, and the center of the infection is one particular place like in Wuhan, China.  While the whole of China had only a 0.7 % death rate, Wuhan had 5.7 %. In Italy, when compared to the world, the fatality rate is 5.8 % now.

Hence rather than going into the facts that heat kills coronaviruses or is it a seasonal killer or others which are a matter of scientific research, taking all precautions to be safe from it is the need of the hour.

Coronavirus Could Even Live Through Hot Summer and Get back in Winter