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Blindness And Diabetes In America

Blindness And Diabetes In America

About 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year and it remains as the 7th leading cause of death in the US. Also, approximately 0.24 % of American population below the age of 20 suffered from diabetes. A recent cost report on diabetes reveals that average medical expenditure with diabetes is 2.3 times higher than that without diabetes.

According to the dated reports in late 2017, more than 84 million Americans (one-third of Population) have prediabetes i.e., diabetes type 2 and around 90% of them does not know about their critical health issue of rising sugar levels in sugar. Of Course, people are well aware of the reasons for diabetes that include diet, lifestyle and genetics.

Ector County is located in United States of Texas and the recent health issue developed gigantically in Ector County is the blindness which is caused by Diabetes. A person with diabetes has four times more chances of vision loss than a person without diabetes. Blood vessels start to bleed in the eye and regular treatment has become mandatory if not, it may lead to blurred vision, cataract, glaucoma and even blindness at the end.

Ophthalmologists (Eye Doctors) say that patients come for eye treatment for defected vision asking for glasses and looking at the changes in eye vision, they were sent to diabetes doctors for lowering the blood sugar levels so that eye treatment would be simple and they advised to go to eye clinic at least once in a year and also stated that a controlled sugar level in blood guarantee healthy eyes for humans. 

Diabetes 2 patients can control the eye vision defects if they got to know about diabetes symptoms and following regular medical treatment.  For type 1 patients, if they could not keep the blood level under control, treatments including laser procedures and taking out eye fluid and depositing a new fluid into the eye shall be done.

Blindness And Diabetes In America