Indian Black Pepper To European Chilly

Indian Black Pepper To European Chilly

Indian Black Pepper To European Chilly

How the Chilly Crop encountered India?

Chilly is one of the mostly used spices of Indians now. India is a tropical country and Indians have various food tastes in their culture. But the spicy foods are liked by most of the Indians. Hence spicy foods became a part of Indians for ages. 

At first, India before we touch the history of chilly we have to know the history of a Indian spice named black pepper which Indians have used before chillies was introduced.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is one of the Indian Spices still in use but in the lesser level. A black colored dried fruit which was Only 5 millimeter in diameter. The pepper crops were first cropped only in India after the foreign invasions and colonizations the crop was now grown in many countries worldwide. But in India other than Black Pepper some other varieties are also found they are Green Pepper, White pepper, Wild Pepper, Orange and Red Pepper.

Indians always have a second explanation for their every action and some time they are hidden from the primary explanations. Obviously the use of black pepper by the Indians in their food has another cause. The black pepper posses some medicinal qualities hence it was preferred by Indians in their daily diet. Some of the known medicinal uses are 

1) Black Pepper helps for good digestion.

2) Black Pepper is an Antioxidant.

3) Black pepper helps in the treatment of cold and flu.

In South India Black Pepper was mixed with water, boiled with some other spices and use as an important food dish in their daily diet. It was known as 'Rasam' which helps for digestion. Black Pepper was also mixed with soup and used as a remedy for cold and flu.

Introduction Chilly

Capsicum Annum, formally known as Chilly is a dehydrated seasoned fruit. The chilly was first introduced after an invasion of Europeans to India. After Columbus stepped in India he started a case study on Indian spices. He planned to take back some spices to his country and hence all have started. The Europeans started spices traded their Chilly for Indian Black pepper. They have introduced many varieties of chillies in India.

Then Indians tried the new spicy stuff for the first time and decided to apply that in the place of pepper. Now, India also one of the producers of hot chilly. Now almost every dish of Indians is mended with Chilly instead of Black Pepper.   

Indian Black Pepper To European Chilly