Increasing Carbon Di Oxide Level Will Bring A Worst Consequence

       Published : May 05, 2018 11:55 IST    
 Increasing Carbon Di Oxide Level Will Bring A Worst Consequences Increasing Carbon Di Oxide Level Will Bring A Worst Consequences

This is the first time ever the CO2 level raised to this level in the history. Some group of researchers from the University of California had stated that they got the highest peak in the monthly CO2 observation.

According to their study, the atmospheric carbon dioxide level has been reached to the extent of 410 part per million. The team has chosen a particular place for observing a proper level of increasing greenhouse gas. For this, they have chosen the Mouna Loa region of Hawaii islands as the place is considered to be less polluted and considered to hold some clean air that was not polluted by the urban environment.

The researchers are considering that even though the records have been observed in the low polluted area the level of the CO2 seems unbelievable. This situation is due to the uncontrolled emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This is a historical record of CO2 rais as previously the record has been this much when the earth on its earlier stage when no humans exist on land.

Technically everyone across the world is responsible for the extreme pollution, climate change and emission of greenhouse gases. According to a study, humans are polluting their neighboring environment directly and pollution the remote environment indirectly by dumping wastes in seas.

Researchers claiming that humans are responsible for emitting the highest level of greenhouse gas in the previous year despite many awareness programs of governmental and nongovernmental bodies.

The increasing fuel consumption and faster deforestation is another reason for the rais of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere. Forests are considered as one of the most important factories of purifying the polluted air but forests have been constantly kept destroying.

Scientists across the world are fearing that this steady growth of CO2 level will bring the worst consequences in the near future.

Increasing Carbon Di Oxide Level Will Bring A Worst Consequence

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