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Parotta Soori Becomes Six Pack Soori, Check the Photo

Soori’s new six-pack look is trending now in social media. Soori, a rising comedian in Tamil cinema and who makes fans laugh with his realistic comedy.

Soori appeared in the Deepavali Tamil movie in 2007. After a long gap, he got a solid comedy role in the movie “Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu,” directed by Suseenthiran.

Later Soori has teamed up with Sivakarthikeyan in films like Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam, Seemaraja, Rajini Murugan and Enga Veetup Pillai and more.

Today, Soori posted new six-pack poster in social media and thanked his fitness trainer Vasanth Saravanan.

The photo of Soori starring as the protagonist in the famous lead director Vetrimaran’s film has gone viral on the social media site as Sixpack Soori. The plot of the film is based on the novel ‘Ajnabi’ written by Meeran Maideen.

Covid-19 Status Report in Tamil Nadu, Sept 19th

COVID-19 patients
Stanley Medical College, 29 COVID-19 patients, aged between 70 to 95 years from oldage home with many co-morbidities cured and discharged

COVID September 19 update – India crosses 54 lakh infections to nearly 17 % of world positive cases. With 92,605 new cases reported on September 19, India crossed the 54 lakhs to inch closer to the worst-hit countries’ first position due to COVID 19. In the last 18 days of September alone, more than 17 lakhs or 17,79,374 new cases were reported.

Also, with yesterday’s 1,133 deaths, the September deaths due to COVID 19 is 22,283, which is more than one-fourth of the total deaths of 86,752 in India. Of the total world positive cases of 30.6 million cases reported from nearly 200 countries, India is having nearly 17 % of the positive cases.

The Winter session of the parliament is to end on Wednesday, September 13 days ahead of schedule due to the skyrocketing new cases. Also, many ministers and MPs have tested positive for COVID 19. AIADMK and DMK is opposing together the Farmers’ Bill introduced by the Central government in the parliament.

COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu

Once again, around 6,000 cases were reported in Tamil Nadu to retain its second position in India’s worst-hit states list. Yesterday, 5,569 new cases were reported in Tamil Nadu to take its total positive cases to 5,36,477. And with 66 deaths, the total death toll increased to 8,751.

With 5,556 recovered patients went home safe yesterday, the active cases in Tamil Nadu is now 46,453. The total recovered lucky patients will soon reach the five lakhs mark with 4,81,273 already discharged so far.

COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu districts

Chennai continues its usual new infections while Coimbatore once again increases its new infections. Chennai reported 987 new cases and eight deaths to remain the number one COVID 19 affected district in Tamil Nadu. The total positive cases in Chennai is 1,54,624 and total deaths to 3,046.

Coimbatore continues to be the second district with reporting 565 new cases and four deaths yesterday. Chennai adjacent three districts continue their standard new cases with Chengalpattu – 293 and 5 deaths, Kancheepuram – 175 and 4 deaths, and Tiruvallur – 282 and 3 deaths.

Salem’s other three major cities continue to increase in new cases with 286 new cases and six deaths, Madurai – 68 and no deaths and Trichy – 103 and 2 deaths.

The other districts with more new infections include

  • Cuddalore – 289 and 2 deaths
  • Dharmapuri – 112 and no deaths
  • Erode – 166 and no deaths
  • Kanyakumari – 105 and no deaths
  • Thanjavur – 151 and 2 deaths
  • Tiruvannamalai 160 and 3 deaths
  • Tiruvarur – 100 and no deaths
  • Tirunelveli – 108 and 2 deaths
  • Tiruppur – 163 and one death
  • Vellore – 103 and two deaths
  • Villupuram – 144 and 2 deaths

With continuous skyrocketing COVID 19 cases in India and Tamil Nadu still in the second-worst position, the southwest monsoon rains pose a new threat to people. It could affect the vulnerable older people to have many diseases, from the common cold to malaria and typhoid, among others.

With COVID 19 fear already looming large, people are advised by medical experts to be safe this rainy season by not going out and washing hands and staying safe during these challenging times.

40 Percent reduction Will help students to face competitions, Minister Sengottaiyan

Minister Sengottaiyan sept 2020
Minister Sengottaiyan - 40 Percent reduction Will help students to face competitions

According to a panel of experts, the curriculum has been reduced by 40 percent this year to reduce the workload of students. He also said that we would develop the curriculum to face any number of competitions for the Tamil Nadu Students.

Schools were closed last March due to the spread of the corona. As the situation is not good, schools’ opening is being postponed and classes are being conducted online continuously. No one can say when schools will open and direct classes for students will begin.

Teachers and parents think that it is not easy to study everything at the time of examination as there are more subjects.

Speaking to reporters, Minister Sengottaiyan said an 18-member committee had been set up to reduce the number of pages for students to study only the core subjects as the school has fewer working days due to corona damage.

Minister Sengottaiyan said last week that action would be taken to reduce the subjects based on the experts’ report. In this context, speaking to reporters in Erode today, Minister Senkottayan said that according to the expert committee’s report, the curriculum has been reduced by 40 percent this year.

About 90 percent of the questions in the NEET exam is from the state curriculum. We will develop the curriculum to face any number of competitions. Students’ doubts will be resolved on Saturdays at 6 p.m.

The Corona period will bring about various changes in the sport. He said that temporary teachers who have joined as special teachers are not likely to be made permanent.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Contestant discussion in Vijay TV WhatsApp Group

Tamil TV fans are eagerly waiting for the Bigg Boss reality show in Vijay Television. So far, no one could provide valid information about the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 contestants list.

Nowadays, event organizers are releasing different videos and posters in their official twitter page to raise curiosity. Recently Vijay Television official twitter page requested audience, “To find out for yourself who is going to be Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants in this 4th season.”

People are always asking questions about who the contestants are and what the show’s broadcast date will be. At this point, Vijay TV official twitter page posted a screenshot to the fans.

The screenshot shows two friends, chat in the WhatsApp page, and one guy asking contestants names, and the other guy replies, I have no idea. Another guy shocked and ask are you really work on Vijay TV?

Evan Endru Ninaithai: Poster resembles Mechanic Movie

Evan Endru Ninaithai
Evan Endru Ninaithai

As already expected and the talks in the Lockdown period, Kamal heard stories from Lokesh Kanagaraj. Now, the film has officially announced and movie titled “Evan Endru Ninaithai”. Actor Kamal fans and followers started celebrating it.

It has been reported that Lokesh Kanagaraj, who is directing the movie ‘Master’ starring Vijay, is going to direct the next movie of the superstar and Kamal Haasan’s Rajkamal International will produce it.

It was reported that Kamal had decided that it would be better if Rajinikanth acted in this story, which was originally designed for Kamal Haasan, and the superstar agreed to act in it. Thus the fans were eagerly waiting for the official announcement.

Kamal Haasan’s 232nd film was confirmed to be directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and the fans were overjoyed. But that happiness did not last long.

Because it has been revealed that the poster of that movie was copied from the famous Hollywood movie “Mechanic”. Netizens have been viralizing the two posters together to another level.

Mahalaya New Moon: People are not allowed to gather on the banks of the Cauvery River

Mahalaya New Moon Cauvery River
Mahalaya New Moon Cauvery River

In Namakkal district, there are temples and important shrines along the banks of the river Cauvery, especially in areas including Kumarapalayam, Pallipalayam, Molasi, Jedarpalayam, Solasiramani, Mohanur, Paramathi Vellore.

In these areas, on the Mahalaya New Moon’s occasion in the month of Purattasi (today), it is customary for a large number of people from the district and nearby districts to perform Darbhanga and other rituals for the deceased ancestors and relatives in their family.

In this current situation, due to the spread of the coronavirus infection, a curfew with relaxation has been issued and is in effect. There is a high risk of infection due to overcrowding in any of those riverside places.

Therefore, in the interest of the public, today, on the day of the Mahalaya New Moon in the month of Purattasi, people are not allowed to gather on the banks of the Cauvery River and in other areas by district Collector Megraj.

Know the confirmed date and new contestant list of Bigg Boss Tamil 4

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Host Kamal and New contestants List
Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Host Kamal and New contestants List

Even with the fear of the pandemic increasing, the big question among the Tamil people is when the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 start will. Kamal has raised the expectations with the promo, and all are eagerly waiting to know the date. Colors TV has already confirmed Bigg Boss Hindi 14, with Salman hosting it to start on October 3.

In the Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Nagarjuna has started the first elimination among nine contestants. It started on September 6 on Star Ma and now the Telugu people’s craze in two states. But confirmed news from reliable sources has said that Bigg Boss Tamil 4 to start from October 4.

The confirmed list of contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil 4

Reliable sources have given the following list of contestants that are confirmed for Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

  • Pugazh is sure to entertain the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 house due to his spectacular success in Vijay TV’s Cook with Comali.
  • Shivani Narayanan, another Vijay TV celebrity now busy in social media with dance performances and photoshoots in Instagram with more than a million followers and sure to have a Shivani army in the season 4
  • Amritha Aiyer of Bigil fame recently answered a question on her participation that let it be a suspense to reveal that she is sure to be one of the major contestants for the title in Bigg Boss Tamil 4
  • Lakshmi Menon, a leading heroine in Tamil cinema until a few years back, is to come back with this fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil.
  • Mr. International of 2018, Balaji Murugadoss, will become the favorite of the female audience with his six packs and soft mannerisms.
  • RJ Vinoth is another sure contestant in the fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil.
  • To make sure Bigg Boss Tamil 4 house filled with humor, mimicry\ artist Amudavanan of Vijay TV, who made many laugh in Kalakka Povathu Yaru and Jodi shows, is sure to be one of the contestants.
  • Another contestant to add humor is the VJ/Actor/host of many Vijay TV shows, Rio Raj.
  • Shalu Shammu, a model/actor who recently gave a police complaint against Meera Mithun, is a sure contestant.
  • Sanam Shetty, another model, actor, and ex-girlfriend of last year’s female heartthrob Tharshan is also the favorite contestant.
  • To add fashion to Bigg Boss Tamil 4 house, fashion choreographer Karun Raman has been romped in by Vijay TV.
  • For glamour, Kiran Rathod, a famous actor until a few years back, is sure to make the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 house attractive.

Though the source is reliable to give the date and contestant list of Bigg Boss Tamil 4, all have to wait for Kamal or Vijay TV announcement on its confirmation.

Covid-19 Vaccine: Dr. Reddy Lab gets 100 Million doses from Russia

Sputnik Vaccine Russia - Dr Reddys Lab
Sputnik Vaccine Russia - Dr Reddys Lab

The race for the COVID 19 vaccine is speeding up worldwide and especially in India. It is the reason that the Indian pharma giant Dr. Reddy has agreed to buy 100 million doses of Russia’s Sputnik vaccine and conduct the phase III trials in India. In the last week alone, India had more than 6.4 lakh new COVID 19 cases, which is high compared to even the US.

Though being in the first position of the worst-hit countries by the SARS – CoV – 2 virus, the US reported only 2.4 lakh cases. Brazil, which is in the third position after India, reported only 1.3 lakh cases. And Russia, which is in the fourth position, is having only around 10 lakh cases in total so far.

When will the COVID 19 vaccine be available to Indian people?

With nearly one lakh of new infections reported by the health ministry daily for the past few days and soon to become the number one in the worst-hit countries by COVID 19, Indian people need the vaccine than anyone else in the world. But there are different versions of the dates announced by many in the last few days.

On September 13, union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan without mentioning the date, said that the COVID 19 vaccine would be available to the Indians during the first quarter of 2021. He did not elaborate on which vaccine will be available to the people. But the CEO of Serum Institute of India, which is the largest vaccine producer in the world said for all people to get the vaccine, it will be beyond 2024.

Serum Institute had tied up with Astra Zeneca, which had developed the most promising COVID 19 vaccine so far. But during the final Phase III trials in the UK, a volunteer had developed an illness. It prompted the pausing of the trial not only in the UK but also in India.

The DCGI or drug controller general of India VG Somani, questioned Serum Institute of not informing of the UK’s pausing. Now, permission has been granted to continue with the phase III trial of the oxford vaccine by AstraZeneca to continue in India.

Russia starts vaccinating its citizens with Sputnik

Sputnik developed by RDIF or Russian Direct Investment fund for COVID 19 had started administering to Russians. It is even after phase III of the vaccine not yet completed. But RDIF has signed agreements with many countries like Mexico, Saudi Araba and now India to sell millions of Sputnik doses.

But, Dr. Reddy’s Lab will have to conduct the phase III trials in India before administering the Indians’ with the Sputnik vaccine. And no one knows when it will complete or will it be even successful without any issues. It is because even the highly-rated Oxford University’ vaccine for AstraZeneca paused its Phase III trials due to the illness of one patient.

Hence it is only for the Indian people to be safe with social distancing to be alive during this worst pandemic and the uncertainty of when to get the COVID 19 vaccine.

Florent C Pereira : First Tamil Actor Died in Covid-19

Florent C Pereira
Florent C Pereira

Florent C Pereira, who played the landlord of the movie Kayal, attracted attention. His villainous acting in the film has played the role of villain and character in many films in order to impress the fans.

Florent C Pereira was admitted to the hospital with corona symptoms. There he was treated to come to a positive conclusion. But he passed away today after his health deteriorated over the past few days. Florent C Pereira’s death news has come as a shock to the film industry.

Florent Pereira, a veteran journalist and film actor who was treated for a corona infection, has died. He has acted in films including Enkitta Motade (2017), Unemployed Graduate 2 (2017), Raja Mantri, Series. Has been working in the media for many years.

Florent C Pereira recently joined the BJP.

Tamil Nadu Weather Today, heavy rains in 6 districts

Tamil Nadu Weather Today
Tamil Nadu Weather Today

The Chennai Meteorological Department has forecast heavy rains in 6 districts in Tamil Nadu.

In Tamil Nadu, it is raining due to convection and atmospheric circulation. Widespread rain lashed most parts of Chennai yesterday, and the cold weather prevails in Chennai. According to the Chennai Meteorological Department, Andhra Pradesh has a deep depression in the central and western Bay of Bengal.

Vellore, Tiruvallur, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Ranipettai, and Tirupati districts are likely to receive heavy rains. Thiruvannamalai, Kanchipuram, Salem, Namakkal, and Villupuram districts are likely to receive moderate rainfall.

There is a chance of rain in Kallakurichi, Coimbatore, Nilgiris, and Puducherry.