Sivaranjani Soundarjan | Writer

Movie (97 News), Tamil Nadu (39 News), India (6 News)

Sivaranjani builds her passion for writing general things and that's her plus to correlate herself with current affairs. She loves learning new things and grasps ideas spontaneously; That habituate her to write things and give it life.
Her point always is eccentric and reader based so the touchwood is high in her writing. She loves to travel, food and exploring what's new! She believes in reality and her writing reflects it too.

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Karthick Rajkumar | Writer and Sub-Editor

Tamil Nadu (1 News), Movie (22 News), Health (3 News), India (2 News)

He always likes to write entertainment news and sports rather than any mind blasting politics. As like his writing he is also a complete entertainer. But with a strong desire to possess honours of achievements in future.

Karthick grabbed a deep knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering and Writing too.

He graduated from the Anna University of Tamil Nadu and Currently resided in Coimbatore.

Vanaja | Content Writer

Movie (382 News), India (16 News), Health (3 News)

Gokul Saravanan | Reporter and Senior Writer

Movie (29 News), Tamil Nadu (6 News), India (83 News), Health (2 News)

Gokul, a young writer with the science background. Usually, have a strong desire for politics and history, hence his writings are mostly lined up with political updates, history covers, Science updates, technology news and rarely some movie reviews and events.

He is a good writer, who got an immense love towards writing. His writings are mostly comical and sometimes serious. The concept will be explained in his own way which makes the content good for a read.

He is a graduate of General Chemistry from Periyar University, Salem, currently resided in Coimbatore.

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Sundar Vadivel | Sub Editor

Tamil Nadu (2 News), Movie (76 News), India (5 News), Health (8 News)

Sundar proves himself as well talented in mathematician and received several accolades. He is enthusiastic in learning and teaching. He had done some philanthropy activities in teaching to economically backward school kids. Sundar loves music and movies, which made him to be a Entertainment reporter. He was running local monthly magazine and had written several articles on different subjects. His writings are often unique and unpredictable.

He does the mechanic and electric works over his own interest and learns different things by experimenting.

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Velu Samy | Sub Editor

Movie (64 News), India (3 News)

Velusamy is a well-acclaimed painter and thinker. He is fond of collecting rare informational news and wanted to convey them to the people. He dislikes cinema and politics that makes people idle. He strongly believes, crazy in these activities including search for sophisticated life made people to forget traditions and cultures.

He believes in the existence of God, Vedas, Epics, and Science. His thirst is to find the real reasons of existence of mankind that is ruling the world for billions of years.

Velu is a Sub Editor in Stage3. He is basically an Engineer and has interest in Tamil writings. His Tamil writing talents can be seen in his short Tamil stories.

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Purushothaman Dhandapani | Reporter and Writer

Movie (188 News), Tamil Nadu (2 News), India (9 News), Health (8 News)

Purushothaman is basically a software developer, but he believes writing and expressing something about whats happening around the world to people and to their safety future is his passion.

He wishes to work hard and proves his capabilities in writing field. He believes in nature and its phenomenon. He lives in the same way too. He has the passion of writing true stories and real events.

We admire his skill of organizing, developing, expressing and working on his ideas.

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Vignesh Suppian | Reporter and Writer

Movie (128 News), Tamil Nadu (120 News), India (17 News), Health (2 News)

Vignesh pen name is Viki, the main reporter of our Entertainment and Political News and he also has an interest in writing fiction and fantasy scripts.
He has a passion on world class movies and writes on it. He is an open-minded guy and always be learning to enhance his knowledge. He uses vivid language while writing. Basically He loves traveling and does research in-person to a specific location before writing on topics and had delivered outstanding articles on various subjects.

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Sangheetha Palaniappan | Writer

Health (4 News), Movie (81 News), Tamil Nadu (1 News), India (25 News)

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Thangaraja Palaniappan | Editor and Reporter

Movie (59 News), India (11 News), Tamil Nadu (10 News), Health (1 News)

Rasu is basically web consultant and lead content writer in various projects.
Now he works more on Political news and technology related news. He believes in professionalism and client satisfaction is his ultimate goal. He had solved critical issues and achieved great heights with his managerial skills.

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