First Female From Hindu Minority Becomes Pakistani MP

By : Gokul Saravanan       Published On : Feb 13, 2018 16:33 IST    
 First Female From Hindu Minority Becomes A Pakistani MP First Female From Hindu Minority Becomes A Pakistani MP

Pakistani woman from Hindu minority is going to be a lawmaker in Pakistan.

Pakistan People Party (PPP) had selected a Hindu minority woman candidate Krishna Kumari for the senate election. The party asked all its law makers to support Krishna Kumari in the upcoming senate election for the upper house of the Parliament. Hence her victory had been confirmed with large support before the election.

Krishna Kumari was the first Female candidate from the Hindu minority background since 1947 and also from financially poor family. The senate election set its polling date on March 3, 2018.

Krishna Kumari is floating in excitement after her selection for senate post. She said in an interview that, she had never dreamed of a senate post as she was from a poor family. She continued that, she had experienced some slave like situation in her childhood days where she and her parents used to work under a landlord in Sindh Province. Now she is going to be seated beside many landowners of Pakistan in the assembly. 

She said that she was grateful to the former Prime Minister Banazir Bhutto and the party's leadership. Though her parents were under the slavery they encouraged her with proper education. Hence she is going to show her higher most contribution for the welfare of oppressed people.

Krishna Kumari is also a social worker and staged many campaigns to create awareness on education and basic human rights in Pakistan.