New Facebook Registration Needs Aadhaar Number?

New Facebook Registration Needs Aadhaar Number

The popular social media Facebook which is being used by crores of people worldwide is set to ask new details for new user registration. They are to introduce new prompt saying Aadhaar name of the user for registration. It asks the people to enter the name as if in Aadhaar card.

The prompt in the Facebook stated "using the name on your Aadhaar card makes it easier for friends to recognise you". Some users had spotted the testing features of the Facebook. The users who access Facebook on mobile have spotted the prompt and not every user can spot it.

According to the reports, Facebook does not demand Aadhaar number or any other Aadhaar details as it is mistakenly spread. It raises question of other details of Aadhaar in future and people are feared about the risk factors.

It prompts people to enter the name as in Aadhaar card to connect easily with friends and family. This is only an optional prompt and it is not necessary for people to enter the name of their Aadhaar card. It is also said this move does not raise the piracy or risk issues of Aadhaar.

Meanwhile, the other largest social media network WhatsApp is set to stop its service to some of the mobile after Dec 31st. It stops working on some phone using operating systems like BlackBerry OS or BlackBerry 10, Microsoft's Windows 8.0 (or older) versions. 

Some netizens are mistaken that Facebook is asking Aadhaar Number. Some fears it may occur in future. Here are some people tweeted about this.