Darwin Theorem Was Scientifically Wrong Remove Them From Text Books

By : Gokul Saravanan       Published On : Jan 22, 2018 10:41 IST    
 Darwin Theorem Was Scientifcally Wrong Remove Them From Text Books Darwin Theorem Was Scientifcally Wrong Remove Them From Text Books

Darwin was wrong about the human evolution says an Indian Politician.


Indian Junior Human Resource and Development Minister Satyapal Singh had given a shock speech about Darwin Theorem in India Vedic Sammalen conducted at Aurangabad on Saturday. He said that the theory that was put forwarded by Charles Darwin about the natural evolution was scientifically wrong and it should be removed from all text books.


He coined a reason that "No one of our ancestors had written or orally explained that they have seen an Ape evolving in to a Human" and the humans are always humans since the formation of earth, he said.


The Minister's speech had created a huge opposition stake from the Indian scientists. Govindh Swaroop, Scientist in space research had stated an opposition statement on the minister's speech. That Ministers' speech was not acceptable and completely rubbish. Many researchers and great scientists have been accepted Darwin Theorem and even they following it still. Darwin theorem had made its great contribution in the prediction of natural history. He asked, how could the great theorem seem wrong to the Minister while it was accepted by everyone in the world?


Darwin theorem is a theory about the natural evolution of species according to the environmental changes which takes many years time for the species to evolve to its next phase. It has been accepted by almost everyone in the world and applying the theory for new discoveries by scientists still. Now a great theorem has gone wrong to an Indian Politician who was also a former police commissioner of Mumbai.