TTV Dhinakaran Likely To Start His Own New political Party

By : Meena Shree       Published On : Jan 16, 2018 15:16 IST    
 TTV Dhinakaran Likely To Start His Own New political Party TTV Dhinakaran Likely To Start His Own New political Party

May be TTV.Dinakaran will stand as a tough competitor for ADMK In the forthcoming general election.

After the death of former Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha, the party had faced many consequences and running thorough a cold war between the party leaders. TTV. Dinakaran, had a strong opposition over the current leaders of ADMK over a long period. Recently TTV had made in to the TN assembly by winning the R.K.NAGAR (Dec-24-2017) by-poll as an individual candidate.

Recently TTV had celebrated Pongal in his farm house at Pudhuchery. Today TTV met the press in the mid way on his way back to Salem. In the meet he severely criticized the TN government that, the TN Government has lack of efficiency to get water from Karnataka so as per the order of supreme court, the central government has to involve in the startup of Kaveri River Water Authority Board as soon as possible. He continued, the election commission had given the precious TWO LEAF symbol to OPS and EPS team with out considering the majority support of the people. But the R.K.Nagar people had proved their support to TTV in the by-poll election.

Soon the TWO LEAF will be rescued. The necessary actions are under process for the rescue mission, said by TTV. He extended on the occasion of Dr. MGR's 101th birth anniversary TTV had decided to discuss about the starting of his own new party. After the creation of the new party their next move will be the participation of coming general election. He concluded, soon the inefficient government of TN will be pulled out from the seat by TN people.