Jayalalithaa's Apollo Treatment Video Revealed By TTV Dhinakaran Team

ayalalithaa Apollo Treatment Video Revealed By TTV Dhinakaran

Late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa's video while she was admitted in Apollo was revealed by TTV Dhinakaran faction today. Ahead of RK Nagar election, the team had revealed the video to show there is no fault in their side. RK Nagar election is all set to held tomorrow. TTV Dhinakaran is one of the contestants standing under the symbol pressure cooker.

The video shows Jayalalithaa is sitting on the bed, holding and drinking juice by herself. TTV Dhinakaran said the election commission did not tell him not to post the video. 

The former Chief Minister had been died due to cardiac arrest on 5th Dec 2016 after 75 days of hospitalization. RK Nagar seat was represented by Jayalalithaa before her death last year. There was mystery over her death. To clear the air about her death mystery Dinakaran faction may have released the video a day before the election.

Several questions and doubts are raised by people asking "Why can't this be a video taken when times Jayalalithaa was admitted earlier". Some asks to leave Jayalalitha stating "It's sad that for power hunger AIADMK people are tarnishing Jayalalithaa Image. She would have never ever liked such images of her. Allow former CM to RIP"