20 AAP MLAs had appealed for stay against their disqualification

By : Gokul Saravanan       Published On : Jan 23, 2018 17:30 IST    
20 AAP MLAs had appealed for a stay against their disqualification 20 AAP MLAs had appealed for a stay against their disqualification

20 AAP MLAs appealed against their disqualification in Delhi High Court, Kejriwal under stress.

The capital's Chief Minister had appointed 21 MLAs of his party as Assembly secretaries has been disqualified by the Election Commission last week. The disqualification action taken by the election commission after the assembly members congress and BJP had written out to the president that Kejriwal government had appointed MLAs in the means of office of profit. 


The EC commission wrote its opinion of disqualification to the President on 18th January. The President of India had ordered through a letter on 21st January to the Election Commission to make the MLAs out from the assembly. Its the rare case of a government body to work in such as speed.


The EC had followed the Presidential order and thrown out 20 MLAs out of the house as one MLA of the 21 had self fired himself from his post. Now the strength of AAP government got decreased to 46 which was 67 previously. Now the capital is expecting a by-election due to the minority government in rule.


Today the 20 AAP MLAs who are disqualified from their posts had made a stay appeal in the Delhi High Court against their disqualification. As EC had not followed any of the prescribed rules of notification before their disqualification, the hearing over the stay appeal is set up by the court tomorrow.