Kadamban Movie Review – Watchable

Kadamban Movie Review

Kadamban has the strong social message and awesome visuals. S. R. Sathish Kumar cinematography makes us stunning while Deva editing is good. Arya as Kadamban fits to the role by his appearance and performance. We can see a new Arya and his hard work in this film. Director Ragava made a good try in capturing the essence of the nature and its importance. Arya carries the whole movie on his shoulders. He was portrayed as the super hero who fights to save his tribal people and nature.

But it was exaggerated that keeps audience away from the story. Music of Yuvan does not fit into the line. It does not attract the audience except a song. The climax fight scenes and twist in the interval block are outstanding. The movie makes us to think we are far away from nature. It made us to feel guilty of staying away from nature for the sake of money. The hero struggles to save his people and forest evoked everyone to be like him to save the nature. The tribal people struggle for their livelihood brings tears at one stage.

Catherine Tresa done had job well. But other characters had done moderate performance in it. Though there are number of twists and turns in the film the story is quite predictable. On the whole, Kadamban is a movie to be watchable for nature.

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Kadamban Movie Review


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