Taramani Is Mass Says Audience

Taramani Is Mass Says Audience

Ram directed Taramani is doing well and receiving massive responses from audience among the 3 Tamil movies released this week. Ram’s dialogue, screenplay worked well among the present young generation.  His sharp and satirical social dialogues get a lot of applause from the audience.

The debutante Vasanth Ravi had performed well with lots of confidence. Andrea will have the unique market in the film industry after this film. The viewers say the film is a block buster film again from director Ram after 3 years. Some say there are no words to describe Ram’s film. It is Ram’s magic and worked out again. He had narrated the drama that tells about male chauvinism and feminism which is needed for our society.

Yuvan BGM takes the movie to next level. It is very hard hitting and bold attempt from the director. It gets good words from distributors and theatre owner across the state.

Director Ram earlier stated about the movie ‘A’ certificate. The movie has no sexually scenes; it is a love story and no need for kids to watch this movie. The movie received ‘A’ for Andrea smoking and drinking alcohol. There are some abusing words commonly used by younger generations today.

“Brutally honest and hits you harder,” – Vignesh Shivan Wishes Taramani

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Taramani Is Mass Says Audience


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