Rum Audio Launch Happenings

Rum Audio Launch Happenings

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Anirudh tuned Rum album audio launch grand event is happening at Chennai. Popular VJ Abhishek is hosting the event. Actor Hrishkesh, Sanchita Shetty, Sai Bharath, Vivek, Gayathire Raguram and others graced the event.

Anirudh’s 13th movie is Rum and his first horror movie. While he is speaking to the audience said he was afraid of the horror movies. ‘Hola Amigo’ single of this album released earlier reached everywhere and was the chart buster hit.

Si Sriram performed at the stage. He had sung ‘Alladhey’ song while the visual are screened featuring Hrishkesh and Sanshita Shetty.

Here are wishes from the celebrities for the event.


Rum Audio Launch Happenings

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