Manal Kayiru 2 Review-A Decent Sequel

Manal Kayiru 2 Review-A Decent Sequel

The iconic characters Kittu Mani and Narathar Naidu are back with Manal Kayiru 2 with Ashwin Shekhar and Poorna in lead roles. The same strategy is handled by Narathar Naidu to integrate the couple who were in different mindset but this time for the Kittu Mani’s daughter. The girl makes condition to get married. She wants the man as her husband who is suitable for her 8 conditions. Visu (Narathar Naidu) finds the boy who is nowhere suitable to her conditions and plans to unite him with her.

Rest of the movie goes on with several problems in their married life. Whether their knot becomes stronger or broken comes with interesting screen play. The film starts with recalling of memories in the original version. The youths can sense the story line and worth of characters. The characters in this new version also performed well knowing the depth of their roles.

Visu comes on screen after a long break and waves away his character with same intense though he appears only in some scenes. There is also Thala reference Aaluma song in a crucial scene when Poorna tells her condition to Ashwin.

The movie has the sensitive dialogues that make the married couples to think to live together forever. There are also a comical SV Shekar dialogues that pulls audience. Director by Madhan the screenplay and dialogues get applause in several moments.

Some of the audience responses are here.


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Manal Kayiru 2 Review-A Decent Sequel

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