Chennai 28 II Movie Review – Enjoyable Match

Chennai 28 II Movie Review

Venkat Prabhu second innings is definitely a good match and it is a best sequel in recent past. Boys of Chennai 28 are back with a improved skills than the first innings. Though their playing skill remained same they have improved a lot in performance and technical side. The first part impressed audience with the suspense, comedy and screenplay. The second part is not a suspense filled where we can able to suspect the scenes next. But director manages to take us with interesting script and screenplay. It has full energetic team not less than the first innings.

The team engages the audience with lots of fun and sentimental comedy. The boys have become men and most of them are married. The team plans to enjoy their friends’ marriage at Theni where they faces issues in marriage, friendship and matches. Jai invites his friends to Theni for his marriage where he will face the turning point in his life. The movie has fresh team headed by Vaibhav that stand against Sharks team.

The first tournament was dropped due the tricks handled by Vaibhav. In the second tournament also he plays the gimmick to maintain his stand in the village. What is his trick to win the tournaments against sharks and how the sharks’ men handle it is the rest of the story.

Yuvan Shankar Raja BGM and songs are rocking in the theatres. It is an enjoyable match for youngsters and those who watched the first match. Vaibhav scores well with his rural getup and slang in spite everybody including Shiva and Jai scores.

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Chennai 28 II Movie Review

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