Celebrities Support For Rajinikanth Political Entry

Celebrities Support For Rajinikanth Political Entry

Rajinikanth’s fans believe his entry in politics can change the current political situation in Tamil Nadu and he is one who can effectively can lead a state. Rajinikanth latest statement about his political is the hot topic in the country. The superstar had praised various political party leaders who are capable in politics but says the system is corrupted and needs change. Several film celebrities have supported Rajinikanth for his political statement and said it would be nice if he come to politics.

Some says he is doing stunts for promotion of his next movies. But Rajinikanth clearly stated opposition takes a man to success and it is very important in politics. At present he has no idea in politics and said if he enters politics there will be no room for people who wants to make money in it.

Actor Madhavan, Radharavi supported him while politicians like Seeman, Thangar Bachan opposed him.

O Panneerselvam said “Rajinikanth is a very good person, we welcome him if he enters politics”

Actor Madhavan stated “Rajinikanth’s political entry is at the right time”

MK Stalin said in the style of Rajinikanth as “Magizhichi”

Tamilisai Soundarrajan said “Getting ready for war is not easy. But we welcome him if he comes”

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Celebrities Support For Rajinikanth Political Entry


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